How you hold your baby will tell you about your character
As you know, 90% of all people are right-handed. But why do most mothers prefer to keep their children on the left side? First of all, this answer comes to…

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Hyperopeca dooms the child to life failures
More and more studies confirm that children who are overly tutelized by their parents tend to avoid risk, have difficulty making decisions and are unable to succeed in life. They…

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Hyperopeca dooms the child to life failures
More and more studies confirm that children who are overly tutelized by their parents tend to avoid risk, have difficulty making decisions and are unable to succeed in life. They…

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How to travel by plane with a child

Many parents are afraid to take their child on trips if they have to fly. On a plane, a child may get sick, he may behave badly (especially if he is small), or any other problems may arise with him.

Consider a few recommendations on how to make the flight with the child as comfortable as possible.

Arrive at the airport in advance

Gathering in a hurry, you run the risk of being emotionally exhausted before the flight. If stress occurs at the beginning of the journey, then it is likely to persist until the end. In addition, it should be remembered that the excitement of parents is often transmitted to the child.

Therefore, try to avoid unnecessary stress and take more time to get to the airport. Make sure you have enough time to check in for a flight, buy food, go to the toilet with your child and other unplanned things. No matter how much time you need to get to the airport, plan one hour more.

Let your child throw out extra energy before flying

Before the child has to spend several hours sitting in one place, he should pour out excess energy. Even if you have to endlessly walk with him throughout the airport or drive 1,000 times up and down on an escalator – do not resist: it will pay off during the flight. It is better to let an attack of activity happen in a child at the airport than in an airplane. Having frolic before the flight, he will be able to calmly withstand the flight.

This is especially important if you are flying abroad, because you have a long process of registration, customs control and landing, and only after that – the flight itself.

When boarding a plane, get to the end of the line

If you and your child start boarding the plane first, you run the risk of hatred from other passengers. Firstly, you will be slower to go through the landing procedure and delay the entire queue. Secondly, in the end, you still have to wait in the cabin until all passengers sit down, and during this time the child can get bored and start to be naughty.

It is useless to yank the child and urge him to discipline: he is still too small and can not focus on a long period of time. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to stand at the end of the line to reduce the time for the tedious landing procedure.

Choose the right seats in the cabin

If your child is active, you will probably want to take a seat closer to the aisle so that the child can get up and sit down without disturbing other passengers. Ideally, you can get a whole row of three seats for two (seats near the window, near the aisle and middle seat), and the child will move freely and choose his own place. One way or another, it’s best for you to take a seat near the aisle.

Share your concerns with your spouse

Separation of duties is the best way to avoid stress in raising a child. If your spouse or older child is flying with you, they will help you occupy the youngest child during the flight. They can come up with a new activity for your child, giving you a little rest. Get such support – and the journey will be easier for you.

Even if you are forced to fly together with a child – do not panic. You can handle the situation, but any help will not be superfluous. Almost always there is someone nearby who will be ready to take the child, especially if he sees that you and the child are flying together.

You can also help that children usually like to walk around the cabin during the flight. So your child can meet other children and find for himself some interesting activity.

Take flight time into account

Your flight can be at any time for reasons that are not dependent on you. Therefore, you should consider the time of departure in order to plan the daily routine of the child. For example, if the flight is in the late evening, you should arrive at the airport in advance in order to have dinner and rest before landing. Probably the worst option for your child is to fly out in the middle of the day, because he starts the journey hungry and tired. Therefore, it is likely that he will become capricious on the plane. The morning departure, on the contrary, is the best option for the child: fresh and full of strength, the child will be in a good mood.

The biggest problem can be long flights of more than 6 hours. In this case, you will have to be creative in order to entertain the child. All your parental experience will help you with this. Sometimes the necessary methods can only be found by trial and error.

How to entertain a child during a flight

If you are waiting for a long flight, it is advisable to allow the child to walk around the cabin a little, because he can get tired of sitting in the same place for a long time. Give him sweets from time to time – especially if he gets bored and starts acting up. All airplanes serving international flights have TV screens and music systems on the seats. If the child becomes bored, invite him to watch cartoons or entertaining shows.

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