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What is Conscious Parenting?

Each generation of parents has its own popular trends in parenting. Recently, around the world, the ideas of conscious parenting are gaining popularity. To comprehend their essence, you must first understand what awareness is.

What is mindfulness

In a world full of distractions, such as computers and mobile phones, it is very difficult to remain conscious. In everyday life, real chaos occurs in people’s thoughts. You can talk with the boss, but at the same time think about what to cook for dinner or what purchases to make on the way home. Many people are simply not able to focus on anything for more than a few minutes. Even trying to organize our work in such a way as to do things one by one, we mentally worry about what happened before or think about what we will do in the future.

When something goes wrong, we often reproach ourselves or someone else; when everything goes as it should, we rejoice and be proud of ourselves. One way or another, we are not here and now and do not take the position of an observer, paying attention to everything that is happening at the moment.

Conscious life involves focusing on the present and feeling yourself here and now. Being aware means not thinking about past or future events, but focusing entirely on what is happening at the moment.

Being aware means slowing down and becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings. This is an extremely complex process. To become more aware, many people use meditation techniques.

How Mindfulness Relates to Parenting

Conscious parenting is aimed at ensuring that parents spend better time with their child. When you are with your child, the main thing is to concentrate on him completely, and not think about what to cook for dinner, how to find a few minutes to take a shower, or worry that the child has not slept for several hours.

Conscious parenting also teaches parents less responsiveness to difficulties and minor troubles. Instead of allowing emotions to influence your actions (for example, when a child brought a stone from the street to the house), you can be aware of your thoughts and emotions and only then react in a more reasonable way. Parents should learn to respond to the child’s mistakes calmly, controlling their emotions and not losing their temper.

Thus, conscious parenting comes down to simple ideas. Listen to your child, pay attention to how you both feel, learn to control your emotions. Keep calm when you want to yell at a child or apply punishment. Treat your child with love and compassion.

As much as possible

Awareness is one of the best qualities that we could bring to our relationships with our children. Showing love to our children, we feel like the best parents. It is easier to stay aware when we are doing something fun and interesting with the child. When we are angry, upset, or bored, we move away from being aware. But precisely at such moments, the child should know that you love him and appreciate the relationship with him. That is why mindfulness in dealing with a child is so important.

Attentiveness to your thoughts and emotions and their awareness is a very useful ability. Being aware while spending time with your child means bringing a lot of joy to your relationship with him, even if the child does not always behave well. However, being conscious always and everywhere is unrealistic. No one is perfect, and raising a child is an extremely emotional occupation, so the emotions of parents sometimes dominate a conscious outlook on things.

To become a conscious parent, you do not have to do yoga or meditation. The main thing is to be humane and understand that there is a choice, how to react at one moment or another, in any situation.

You can become more conscious in raising a child at any time. Start practicing mindfulness right now. When you react too emotionally to your child’s behavior, count to ten and take a few deep breaths. When you are with your child, just enjoy the moments you spend together. Do not let external factors, as well as your thoughts and fears interfere with this.

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