How you hold your baby will tell you about your character
As you know, 90% of all people are right-handed. But why do most mothers prefer to keep their children on the left side? First of all, this answer comes to…

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Children watch adults and learn
Elena, the mother of 10-year-old Katya, says: “Recently, her friend came to visit my daughter. We chatted a bit. After a couple of days, my daughter reported that a friend…

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How to travel by plane with a child
Many parents are afraid to take their child on trips if they have to fly. On a plane, a child may get sick, he may behave badly (especially if he…

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We organize children’s things in the wardrobe correctly

Children’s clothes can be very small, but at the same time deliver a lot of inconvenience. When you need to store a lot of small things, it is difficult to find what is needed at the moment. It is especially difficult to find what suits the child in the first months of his life, when he very quickly grows out of his clothes.

Going through a bunch of children’s clothes, part of which the child is already small, you finally understand: it is time to put things in order in the closet.

Consider a few recommendations on how to do this correctly. Some tips are already time-tested, and some will be new to you.

Two rods for hangers

If you need more space for a children’s wardrobe that is growing rapidly, install a second bar for hangers in the closet. This is a simple and practical way to double the space. The second bar also allows you to store things vertically on hangers and provides a lot of space in the closet for storing diapers, toys and blankets.

Cabinet dividers

Divide and conquer – according to this principle, you can organize a large number of children’s clothing. Sort clothes by size and type. Organize your things in the closet with the help of dividers that can be hung on the rods.


Instead of spending money on expensive hangers with clips, use ordinary clothespins as them. So you can store a whole set, for example, a children’s suit, on one hanger.

Hinged baskets

Baskets are good for storing small items (such as socks or underwear). All you need for this is a few plastic baskets and wall hooks that need to be fixed to the inner wall of the cabinet.

Vertical door drawers

You do not have enough space in the closet? Use vertical space. For example, you can fix the drawers on the inside of the cabinet door. It is good to store children’s socks, underwear, hairpins in them. So all the small items of clothing will always be at your fingertips.

Shoe organizer

If the closet does not have a shoe compartment, you can use a hanging fabric organizer that allows you to sort and store all children’s shoes. It can be attached to the front door to the nursery.

Shoe hanger

If your baby’s shoes are constantly lost and you cannot find them, use hangers to store them. Install an additional bar in the cabinet, and hang the shoes with curtain rings with clips.

Wardrobe where you can write in chalk

Want to bring a little originality to the design of a children’s room? Paint the front wall of the children’s wardrobe with slate paint. Write in chalk on the wardrobe drawers what is stored in them. It is not only beautiful, but also practical.

Homemade dividers for drawers

If you do not want to spend money on expensive dividers for cabinet drawers, you can make them yourself. Use cardboard and self-adhesive film as consumables.

Wall mounted baskets

In hanging baskets, it is good to store diapers, disposable items or replaceable clothes. Wire baskets complement the interior of the children’s room well.


An original way to optimize space is to use hooks. On them you can hang fabric baskets filled with diapers or small items of clothing. If you still haven’t freed up enough space, hang bags of stuffed animals, blankets and other items on hooks.

Homemade Boxes

In order not to buy cardboard boxes for storing children’s things, make the boxes yourself. To do this, you will need cardboard, bright self-adhesive paper and glue.

Bar hanger

A small frame and thin wire are all that is needed to make hangers for hairpins and accessories. Just remove the back of the frame, cut a few pieces of wire along the length of the frame and attach them to the frame with a stapler.

Bags for socks and small items

To keep your baby’s socks scattered throughout the room, use simple trash bags. By attaching several bags to the basket, you can store small items in one place: socks, bibs, etc.

Recycle Bins

Having put things in order in the wardrobe of the child, leave a place for things from which the child has already grown. By storing such things in a separate place, you will save time when you look for the right item of clothing for the child.

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