How to maintain a physical and emotional connection with children
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How to combine work and family: tips for parents
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Do you remember how it is to be a child? Looking back, we recall childhood as the happiest time in our lives. Have you noticed how your children or their friends interact with the outside world? This is an amazing sight, but you should not be just an observer. You can look at the world through the eyes of a child, and then your daily life will become brighter. Consider 9 reasons to do this.

Reason number 1. The sense of novelty

Children are fascinated by the world around them because they are unfamiliar to them. They do not care what the world has prepared for them. Are you happy to wake up in the morning or are you terrified of daily trips to work, meetings with colleagues and the need to shop at the store? This is unfamiliar to children. Every day they live a new life, so the world around them seems delightful and full of opportunities. Instead of being afraid of your daily routine, clear your mind and pretend you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Start a new day with a clean slate. Anything can happen!

Reason number 2. You can learn a lesson from everything

Children get a new experience from everything they see around. Remember how many times a day the child says the word “why.” Children want to know everything. They do not recognize no answers and continue to search for an answer that will satisfy them. And when you need an answer to a question, do you stop searching when you find it, or seek to know more? Trying to get to the bottom of the surrounding phenomena, you can learn a lot of interesting things, even if you simply follow the links on Wikipedia.

Reason No. 3. Each person is your potential friend.

Remember how often you go to the store in a bad mood, hoping that you will not meet anyone you know along the way. Of course, you sometimes do not have time to talk, but what prevents you from talking to someone standing in line. Children are always open to people. They always smile, look for new friends and remember the names of new acquaintances. Do the same when you go on a business trip, meet friends of your friends or new colleagues.

Reason number 4. You think positively

Getting into an incomprehensible situation, children do not imagine the worst outcome of events, as we do. Since children are faced with many things for the first time, they automatically relate to events positively. They are happy to try something new, especially if it looks like an adventure. To look at everyday affairs as an adventure is quite simple. Imagine that you are just playing a game. So everyday affairs will not scare you or plunge you into despondency. Think positively and notice how many possibilities lurk around.

Reason number 5. You can become anyone

“What do you want to become when you grow up?” How many times have you been asked this question in childhood? And how many times has your answer changed? First you wanted to become a doctor, then a teacher, a salesman, etc. Of course, now you need to adhere to the chosen path and build a career to feed yourself and your family. But how did you come to that choice? Because your parents were doctors? Because biology was easy for you at school? We often choose a profession based on the fact that we should become someone, and not because we like it. We do not risk changing the sphere of activity because we have already built a career. But if you really want to become a lawyer, what prevents you from getting a law degree even at age 35? Go to university, study and, finally, realize your dream! Do not think about how right or practical it is. Think like a child and do what you really want.

Reason number 6. The world is full of opportunities

This statement is similar to the previous one. The world is full of opportunities, and you can take advantage of any of them. Do not limit yourself to anything because of who you consider yourself to be or how others will react to your choice. If you have always dreamed of becoming an artist, take a few drawing lessons and try to paint your first picture. If you wanted to write a book, try to write the first chapter at your leisure. The world is full of opportunities for everyone, not just for children. Children simply understand this faster and use this knowledge for their own benefit. Do the same.

Reason number 7. Do things just like that, for no particular reason.

When was the last time you just lay on the grass, looked at the sky and let your thoughts wander somewhere far away? Or went downhill on a sled? Of course, childishness is good in moderation. But adults think that they always need to be busy with something: if you are not at work, you need to do homework or read books. If you are stuck in traffic, you need to listen to an audiobook. Managing your time wisely is a useful skill, but you don’t always need to be busy with something. From time to time, take time to just take a walk in the fresh air or meet friends. And let things wait.

Reason number 8. Your imagination is limitless

As you grow up, you will learn more and more facts, gain experience and learn to distinguish the possible from the impossible.

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