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Ten signs of “normal” parents

Let’s face it: no one in this world is perfect. We are well aware that ideal parents do not exist, but many of us are trying to become them. But why not focus on normal education?First, answer some questions:

1. Do you want to do everything possible for your child?

2. Do you understand what kind of parenting skills you need to develop? Do you develop them?

3. Do you forgive yourself for your mistakes? Do you try not to allow them anymore?

If you answered affirmatively to these questions, then you are good enough, normal parents. And this is much better than trying to be perfect.

Many parents are sure that the children’s psyche is very fragile, although, in fact, the children are quite stable. If the parents do not show cruelty and do not allow insults against the child, everything will be fine with him.

You should also remember that this same statement applies to children: ideal children simply do not exist.

Children are not born with ready-made instructions for use. You must learn how to effectively raise a child or deal with all the nuances of education already in his process.

Although there are different parenting styles, successful moms and dads have similarities that give their children the highest chance of succeeding in life. Yes, it’s true: “normal” parents are successful parents.

Since ideal parents do not exist, many have certain signs of “normal” parents. However, you should constantly work on the development of other qualities.

Consider 10 signs of “normal” parents.

1. Patience. This feature deservedly takes first place in the list. Children are restless, create a lot of noise, never listen to you, and sometimes annoy you. But in other situations, children can be just wonderful. Therefore, patience is a necessary quality that you must develop in yourself in order to successfully raise a child. Being able to take a few deep breaths in time and hold back will help you more than other parenting skills.

2. Multitasking. Household duties, work and parenting require you to be able to carry out several processes at the same time. Children, as a rule, distract you from classes, which makes it difficult for you to concentrate again.

3. The ability to support. Unfortunately, children soon begin to doubt themselves and worry about the opinions of others. The best way to avoid this is to support the child. With sufficient support, the child can strengthen his self-esteem and maximize his own potential.

4. Intelligence. One of the hallmarks of intelligence is the ability to solve problems. Children pose a number of tasks for parents. Intelligence will help you navigate and effectively solve these problems. The ability to cope with tasks can also be a good example for a child, which will help him in the future to learn how to solve problems on his own.

5. Flexibility. Most of your attempts to raise a child correctly will fail. You must be flexible enough to always have a fallback. When an idea does not work, you can always try another way. Your plans will also be constantly changing. Flexibility helps you stay calm in these conditions.

6. Leadership. You may be able to manage your children. However, children are most often indignant and do not forget your attempts to do this. For parents, it is much more effective to develop leadership skills and order the child only if necessary. Such an example of yours will help him to develop leadership skills.

7. Reliability. Children feel safe when they have reliable parents. They should know that you are on their side, no matter what happens. Can children take your word for it? Think about how reliable your friends consider you to be, and try to get better.

8. Compassion. Children should feel compassion from their parents. You must understand and comfort children. Regardless of whether you think they are right, you must accept their feelings. Can you provide this for your child?

9. A sense of humor. Your children will give you many opportunities to laugh. Do not miss such moments. If you allow yourself to laugh at funny situations, you can maintain common sense even in difficult times.

10. Self-confidence. Children often do not know what to do. Therefore, you must become a role model for them. You will understand that children act one way or another in various situations, observing and repeating you. They simply do not know other ways. Are you confident enough to be a good example for your children?

Parenting requires maximum effort and attention from you. Successful children often grow up with successful parents. Successfully raising a child is not an easy task, but if you develop the above qualities in yourself, it will be easier for you.

Follow these guidelines and enjoy the time you spend with your child. Do not try to become an ideal parent.


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