Eight secrets of a long and happy life
What unites the happiest people on Earth? Recently, a study was conducted in which scientists analyzed common signs of people who are satisfied with their lives and consider themselves happy.…

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Reminder to parents: children are indeed less
Adults forget what it means to be small in the truest sense of the word. Reading to children books about Alice in Wonderland or Gulliver in the country of Lilliputians,…

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Conscious parenthood: from theory to practice
How to raise children so that they have a healthy body, mind and spirit? How to keep calm in situations when the child pisses you off? How to accept a…

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20 things that all parents should know

1. You are a hero for your child. It really is. You overcome distances, fight dragons, fight difficulties for the sake of your children. And even if you do not always succeed, you do not cease to be.

2. All parents, without exception, are constantly faced with difficulties. You try to anticipate different situations. Sometimes you just want to not think about anything. Think of the good. Even when you have difficult times, remember – it will pass.

3. A sense of humor and the ability to find funny in everyday things will help you maintain sanity in the most difficult times. Whatever happens, use humor. Laughter is your lifeline.

4. Every day you will feel that you are doing something wrong. That you were too impatient, that you were mistaken in something, that you behaved too harshly or too condescendingly with the child. Maybe you are right. If you did wrong, apologize. Release the situation, do not constantly feel guilty.

5. Children cry, go crazy, hug. They are unbearable, ideal, scared. What they do can be called either a fairy tale or chaos. This is all part of life. And it’s worth it.

6. Family is the best you have. Even if it’s imperfect. And she will never be perfect. But there is nothing to worry about.

7. When we end patience, when we end self-organization, when we are imperfect, we die in our own eyes. And then love revives us from the ashes. Then we feel bad, then again we feel better. Love always saves us.

8. You will never regret raising your children. Perhaps children will sometimes disappoint you. But much more often you will be proud of them – and this is the main thing.

9. Parenting is like climbing a mountain. First you must find the camp at the foot. Here you can relax, meet other tourists and acclimatize. This will allow you to get to the very top.

10. Faced with the oddities and difficulties of education, remember: you are not alone. Even if you feel as if in the middle of the ocean – you are not alone.

11. Children know where miracles happen, and they will show you the way. Enjoy it, because in the next moment, the child can manifest itself in a completely different way.

12. There is a fine line between trying to cope with chaos with all our strength and enjoying it. But in fact, there is no line. It all depends on your choice.

13. If you show enough attention, children will teach you to laugh out loud, to sincerely love and to live fully. The fact that sometimes children spoil your things is nothing compared to this.

14. If there are more than one children, you will always think that there are many of them.

15. Try to find joy in everything. You don’t always have to be serious, sometimes you just have to have fun. You will find a reason for this where you did not expect.

16. You will inevitably be wrong. Forgive yourself for that. Ask your children if you consider yourself wrong. Love yourself and children – in this way you will set a good example for your child. None of the parents can do the right thing the first time. Show the child what to do after they make a mistake: this will be a good lesson for him.

17. Children are difficult to communicate, stunning, rude – and beautiful. The same as you.

18. The process of education will allow you to meet with yourself. It can be scary. It can break you. But it will also give you the strength to recover and become stronger than before.

19. Balance is a myth. Raising a child is not walking a tightrope, it is a dance. Instead of looking for balance, catch the beat. Trust yourself and move to the beat of this rhythm, which will constantly change.

20. Sometimes you will wonder where your abilities and organization have gone. Yes, sometimes you will feel powerless when in the middle of the store you cannot calm a crying child. You will have to patiently explain to him many times that you cannot pet the dog when he is having lunch. But even more times you will tell the child that you love him, that he is safe and that you will always be with him. The educational process consists of all this. Confusing and magical. Mysterious and beautiful. And each of the components of this process is very important.

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