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How to spend quality time with children

If you work, it is probably difficult for you to combine work with household chores and parenting. It may seem to you that neither there nor there you are doing well enough. Your life goes on in constant fuss and attempts to catch a child in school and catch a workshop.

But you are not alone in such a crazy rhythm of life. Studies by American scientists have shown that working mothers themselves have an average of 17 minutes a day. Let’s look at things realistically: sometimes mothers cannot afford this. And they are ready to sacrifice this time to spend it with children.

But how can mothers usefully spend with the children the short time that remains at their disposal? Consider seven tips.

Try to distinguish between work and personal time

Sometimes work requires more attention and time than usual. Sometimes you have to take her home. It is important to know where you can draw the line between working time and the time you devote to your family. If you can do this, you can devote more time to children. Discuss with your boss when your work hours are running out and stick to this schedule.

Talking with children, set aside your mobile phone.

When you play with children, but at the same time check your work email on the phone, children, no matter how small they are, will understand that your attention does not belong to them. Set the phone aside – not just put it next to it, but take it out of the room altogether – and completely devote time to the children. So you spend it quality.

Respect your boundaries

When you have agreed with your colleagues that they will not call you in the evening with work questions, in no case should you violate your principles and, for example, reply to e-mail while the child is having lunch. So you destroy the plan that you yourself created. Your colleagues will conclude that agreements can be violated, and again begin to abuse your personal time.

Make family dinners a ritual

Do not eat with your child while watching TV. Also set aside all electronic devices for dinner and just have dinner with your family. Use this time to chat with children, give them all your attention.

Feel like a kid playing with the kids

Build a fortress with blankets and pillows with your children. Do not worry that the room will be a mess – completely immerse yourself in the process. Imagine that you and your children are in a magical land where everyone is invisible. Pretend you don’t see children and are looking for them all over the room. Ask them stupid questions and let their imagination run wild.

Imagine with them, express the most stupid ideas that will only come to your mind.

In other words, even if you are tired after a hard working day, you have several options how to spend the evening: put the children to bed and the remaining time to sit on social networks or abandon the boring routine and plunge into the world of your children for a few minutes. Do it and you won’t regret it.

Make bedtime a fun ritual

It may seem to you that bathing a child and putting him to bed every day is hard work, especially if the child is naughty, screaming and kicking, refuses to bathe, put on pajamas and go to sleep. But you can make bedtime more fun for your child. Do not try to redeem your child as soon as possible – give him the opportunity to splash and play in the bath. When he laughs and plays, it will be easier for you to wash him, and he will react to bathing more calmly. Read a book before bedtime. Ask the child what he dreams about. The child should fall asleep with confidence that they love and support him.

And remember: quality is more important than quantity

Perhaps you have only one or two hours of free time that you can spend with your child. Maybe even less. Perhaps all the time you spend with your child goes to school preparation in the morning, swimming and going to bed in the evening. It does not matter. The main thing that you can do no matter how much time you have is to devote yourself to the child and spend this quality time.

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