The art of enjoying the moment
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forex calendar
Relatives in raising children: “for” and “against”
When a child appears in a family, it becomes a source of happiness for everyone. However, for working parents, caring for a small child can be too tiring. There are…

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How not to lose a child in a public place: tips for parents
There is nothing worse than losing a child in a public place, for example, in a shopping center or on the street during mass festivities. You look around, panic and…

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On the importance of mom in the life of every person

Mother’s Day and the Eighth of March are the days when it is customary to show our mothers (or the mothers of our children) how much we value them and how much we are grateful to them. However, to do this, one should not limit oneself to generally accepted holidays. Express your gratitude to mothers as often as possible. There are many reasons for this.

Consider some of them (although, of course, their list is much larger).

1. If it weren’t for our mothers, we wouldn’t be here now. Already for this we should thank them.

2. Our mothers form the emotional foundation in the family. They create an atmosphere in which everyone has the opportunity to express their feelings. Moms do everything possible to save us from suffering.

3. Remember how in childhood, when you knocked down your knee, it was enough for mom to kiss the place of the bruise – and the pain went away. Moms have magical powers: their touch and kisses can heal wounds – both physical and emotional.

4. Our mothers really worked hard and sacrificed a lot to make our lives better. We admit to ourselves honestly: in our life there are not many people who are ready for this for us. So show that you appreciate it.

5. Moms forgive us everything. Therefore, if you still have any grudges against your mother, forgive her too. Forgiveness will be a valuable gift for both of you. Open your heart and leave your grievances. So you will have more love for each other.

6. While we dream to conquer the highest peak in the world, mothers are preparing us dinner. Moms always support us in all our dreams and aspirations, even when no one else supports us.

7. As a child, mom set boundaries for you, and it made you better. Perhaps you didn’t like some of Mom’s decisions (for example, you wanted to have a party with your friends, but Mom didn’t allow you to save you from troubles). Look at your friends whose mothers did not care about them as much – and you will understand.

8. Mom’s eyes and ears see and hear everything. They remember all the good (and some of the bad) that happened in your life. It’s nice to have someone with whom you can remember all the bright and joyful moments of your life.

9. Moms taught us to be adults. This is their job, but without it it would be extremely difficult for us to survive in the modern world. Perhaps your mother made you do your homework, and you didn’t like it. But now you understand how important this is.

10. Mom’s smile, presented to you, can make your day much better. All she needs in return is to know that she was able to help you, and thanks to her, you felt better. Just thank her.

The days when we have an official reason to express our love and appreciation to my mother are catastrophically small. Express your gratitude for no reason – and your gratitude will return to you. There are many ways to express love to a person who taught you to walk and talk, patiently helped you learn lessons when you were in school, and who gave you all the love that he was capable of.

Show your mom that you value what she has in your life. Show her your concern. Do not wait for Mother’s Day or the Eighth of March – invite your mother to dinner and do it in the coming days.

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