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10 Things Young Moms Worry About

If you have recently become a mom, changes can scare you. Having a baby dramatically changes your world. However, regardless of whether you are doing the necessary things correctly and how your relationship with your spouse changes with the birth of a child, you are probably worried about the same things as most young mothers

Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is a temporary mood swings, mild anxiety and a feeling of depression. According to statistics, 75–80% of young mothers experience these symptoms immediately after giving birth.

If you have already become, or are planning to become a mother soon, congratulations: now throughout your life you will constantly be anxious about whether everything is in order with your child. You always dreamed of becoming a mother, and having a baby is probably the most stunning thing that has happened to you. On the one hand, touching the child and listening to the sounds that he makes are the most pleasant moments in your life, and on the other, the very appearance of the child in the world scares you.

When you know that now the life of this tiny creature is completely up to you, it greatly changes you and your life. From this moment, you learn to be a mother and again discover yourself as a person. Your life priorities are changing. Most of all, you want everything to be good with your child, and nothing can harm him.

By embarking on the path of motherhood, you become more vulnerable than ever before.

All this is not easy, but you are not alone in this. All young mothers experience such emotional swings. Consider the most common fears of young mothers.

Is everything all right with the baby?

Of course, you need time to understand what your child needs. He still does not know how to talk, and this further complicates your task. Young parents are constantly worried whether everything is in order with their baby. They become anxious if the baby sleeps too much or too little, if he eats little or cries often. Parents are worried if their child is developing normally. In this case, a conversation with more experienced parents or a pediatrician who can dispel fears will help.

Child safety in the car

Given all the frightening statistics of road accidents, every time young parents take a child in a car, they feel great concern for him. But, no matter how strong this anxiety, over time it passes. At first, try to make short trips, and when you become more confident, you can increase their duration. Of course, do not forget about security measures. Before riding, always check if the child is fastened securely in the car seat.

Bathing baby

Parents should exercise caution when bathing the baby. In the first month of life, it is best to wash the baby with a washcloth, but sooner or later you need to start bathing him in the bath. Of course, you will follow many precautions, but there are ways to make this process easier. Keep everything you need on hand: soap, shampoo, washcloth, towel, etc. Wash different parts of the child’s body in turn so that it does not slip out of your hands.

Baby care

When you take care of a small child or even just carry it in your arms, it unsettle you. Moreover, it can make even the most confident women nervous. At such moments, you should take a deep breath and follow your maternal instincts. You have probably read a million books on how to care for your child, but all you need to do is learn to trust your instincts.

Relations with the spouse will not be the same as before

The days when you were crazy about each other have already passed. Now you must act as a team in which you need to support and secure each other. And if the child develops normally – this is the best proof that you work in concert. Over time, your relationship with your spouse will become stronger than ever before.

Self loss

Motherhood will certainly evoke different emotions in you, sometimes incomprehensible even to yourself. From a self-sufficient person you turn into a person whose life well-being depends on the well-being of the child.

You cannot stay the same all your life, but the re-discovery of yourself is also part of motherhood. This means that you need to find a balance between important and familiar things, and not end your past self.

You will run out of money

It cannot be denied that children today are dear to their parents. This applies to medical care, meeting all sorts of needs of the child, etc. This all makes parents worry. But in fact, the way out of the situation would be not to buy the child everything that he needs. This will give the child some valuable life lessons.

Care for a child at the expense of a career

After giving birth, your career goes by the wayside, at least for a while. You cannot sit at work until late, because your child needs attention.

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