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Five Ways to Be Happier Right Now

Do you have a list of things you would like to change? For instance:

Your life (Would you like to have more free time? Earn more money? Would you like your life to be more interesting?).
You yourself (would you like to have a better physical shape? Be more patient or carefree?).
Your child (would you like him to be more independent and responsible?).
Sometimes it seems to us that we could be happier if a miracle happened and all these things in our lives became ideal. But our life will never be perfect. We are ordinary people, and none of us will ever be perfect.

Even if some things in your life change for the better, this is not enough. Research shows that even the changes you are striving for cannot make you happy in the long run. To do this, you need to change your perception.

But there is good news. Although you cannot achieve perfection, you are still able to become happier by remaining the same as you are. Scientists have proven that you can change your perception and from this become happier.

Let’s look at a few strategies you can use to do this.

1. Be thankful

A sense of appreciation and gratitude makes us happier. There are moments of suffering in the life of every person, and sometimes it seems that there are more of them than prosperous moments. But even in difficult times, you can find something good. Try to find a way to focus on the positive. Remember that we grow and develop when we overcome difficult situations.

Parents can relive the joy of raising a child when they begin to appreciate and praise him. In addition, it is ordinary people, and none of us will that the parents accept it. This contributes to its development.

2. Pay attention to the positive moments in your life.

It is well known that optimists are happier, have better relationships, have better health and live longer. Learn to see a glass half full.

3. Stay with your feelings, even those that bring you discomfort

People do not like discomfort. Therefore, feeling uncomfortable, we try to avoid the situation that causes such feelings, or freeze them. But this prevents us from feeling alive and experiencing joy. The only way out is to live uncomfortable emotions. Feelings of sadness, disappointment, etc. tell us something. When we understand what is behind our emotions, they will leave.

But how to learn to accept your negative feelings? Any meditation techniques will help you. Studies show that daily meditation for an hour helps to reconfigure the brain and become happier in just eight weeks. You do not have to make any effort. Just sit for 10 minutes with your eyes closed and pay attention to your feelings. Do not try to change your breathing or get rid of thoughts – just feel them. If you feel uncomfortable, do not try to avoid it – just pay attention to your feelings and accept them.

Over time, you will notice that you like silence and you feel curious about your negative emotions, and not the desire to avoid them. In the end, you will feel more alive and joyful.

4. Take things as they are

We all would like our life to go perfectly. But you do not need to be perfect in order to be happy. In fact, the pursuit of excellence impedes our happiness. The reason is that we always compare reality with some unattainable ideal, instead of appreciating what we have. It is like we are constantly fighting life.

Give up trying to become perfect and accept the real state of things. You can make efforts to change this or that situation. But if you think positively and accept things, you can influence situations more effectively.

5. Show love

To become happy, you need to accept and love yourself with all your imperfect traits. It is important for parents to love and accept not only their children, but also themselves. Unconditional love for yourself is what helps you to unconditionally love your child. Every child needs it, and every child deserves it. But unconditional love is also a means of solving many problems with children’s behavior (and the rest goes away as the child grows older).

The strategies discussed can change your life over time. Start today: accept and love yourself for who you are. You will find that you are more in love with your child. The way you talk to your child now will affect his future.

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