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How to answer uncomfortable child questions

Difficulties in education include, among other things, the fact that parents have to answer many questions of the child, often difficult or awkward. However, it is better for you to do this before the child himself finds the answers on the Internet.

Few of the parents have ready-made answers to all the questions of the child. It should also be remembered that the children are very persistent and will persecute you until they receive an answer that satisfies them.

Consider the most common questions that parents may be confused, and try to find answers to them.

Why do some people have a different skin color?

People from different countries are different from each other. This makes them unique, and they are all beautiful in their own way. Acquainted with a person who is different from us in appearance, it is best not to pay attention to such differences. So we can make friends with him.

Why did my aquarium fish die?

Tell the child that the fish stopped beating heart and blood flow, so the life of the fish ended. In such a simple way, death can be explained to the child. Religious beliefs held in your family can also help you. In any case, you must decide for yourself whether the child is able to understand death.

Does God exist?

The answer to this question depends on your own beliefs. In many respects, the answer will depend on the specific situation. But, even if you yourself are not a believer, allow the child to find the answer to this question on his own before imposing his opinion on him.

Why do you smoke?

Because I fell under the influence of a bad habit. This is a very bad habit, and I want to get rid of it. I promise.

Then prove to the child that you are able to keep your word. Never let a child catch you with a cigarette.

What do the words that you do not allow me to say mean?

Adults use these words when they are upset or angry at someone. The worst thing is that from this the interlocutor also starts to get angry and can even get into a fight. In other words, from such words it does not make anyone any easier, therefore it is better to never use them.

Who do you love more?

If you have more than one child in your family, they often use this question. This seems like a trap to parents. Over time, you will be able to understand whether this was a momentary impulse or not, but now you need to give a suitable answer. First of all, figure out why the child had such a question. Try to correct the situation that caused this question, be fair and try to distribute your love between both children. Sometimes it can be difficult, but do your best.

Why is your boss bald?

This question puts you in an awkward position for two reasons. Firstly, you are embarrassed by the fact that the child asks this question in public. Secondly, your boss hears it. You are trying to translate this situation as a joke and pray that your boss will also take it as a joke.

Do not make a mistake: do not make the child apologize. He can be very embarrassed. When you get home, explain to the child why some people have hair loss. More importantly, explain why it is impolite to ask questions about appearance. Focus on the fact that external signs are not of particular importance and should not be paid attention to.

Why are boys and girls different from each other?

If a child asks questions about gender differences, you can say that this is how we can distinguish boys from girls. If the child is satisfied with such an answer, we can limit ourselves to it.

Where the babies come from?

This question is probably the most difficult. It is necessary to give an answer that matches the age of the child. For preschoolers, the answer is: “Their mother gave birth.” If the child is not satisfied with such an answer, it can be clarified that the child was in the mother’s stomach, and then was born.

Never make a mistake when answering an uncomfortable question: “Are you too young to know about it” when you are not ready to answer it.

As you can see, answering uncomfortable questions is not such a difficult task for parents. However, it is necessary to do this: the child will remember if you do not answer his question.

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