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30 simple things that mean a lot to a child

For adults, these activities may seem commonplace, but in the life of children they are of great importance. Consider a few activities that will surely make your child smile.

1. Make a pasta necklace with your child. If the child wants to give it to you, put it on and wear it at home.

2. Create a motto with your child (for example: “Never give up!”, “We can, we will do it!”, “We will succeed!”). Hang it on the refrigerator door. Each time a child feels discouraged, repeat this motto with him.

3. If you have several children, go for a walk with each of them separately. Take time in person for each child.

4. Put the note and small chocolate bar in the child’s school bag with breakfast.

5. Play Minecraft (or another computer game that he likes) with your child.

6. Do something unimaginable that the child cannot expect from you (for example, sit on the counter in the store).

7. Show a desire to go with the child to the amusement park and ride on the carousel.

8. If you quarreled with a child, make an effort so that he understands that you also want to make peace.

9. When a child’s room looks like a hurricane has passed there, just ignore it and go about your business.

10. If grandfather and grandmother live in another city, regularly communicate with them on Skype. Be sure to let your child participate in these conversations.

11. If the child is involved in sports, but he is unable to achieve the desired results and he really wants to leave the team or sports section, do not blame him. Support the child in his decision.

12. Allow your child to stroll through the puddles that meet in your path. If the child wants, let him walk barefoot through the puddles.

13. Use glue and sparkles to create a birthday card for your child.

14. Shelter a homeless cat or dog in need of your child’s home and love.

15. If a child has conflicts with peers on the playground, do not intervene: let him take part in his own battles and win personal victories.

16. If the child returned from school frowning and tired, refrain from asking how his day went. The child will tell you everything at dinner, if he wants. Let him regain his strength.

17. Establish family traditions: pizza on Fridays, bike rides on weekends, picking apples every fall, etc.

18. Have a child teach you something. Once he does, be sure to praise him for being a good teacher.

19. If the child wants to put on his best outfit in the supermarket, let him do it.

20. More often tell your child how wonderful he is and what exactly you like about him.

21. Do not put your baby to sleep longer to watch the full moon with him. Information about when the full moon will be next time is easy to find on the Internet.

22. Print children’s photos of the child to leave good memories for him about these times for the future.

23. Do not rush to tell the child so that he does not worry about any situation. He also needs time to calm down.

24. Prepare heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast.

25. When the child has been doing homework for a long time, pause, turn on fun music and dance with him.

26. Invent a secret handshake that only you and the child will know about.

27. Hang a cork board in the nursery to leave notes for each other.

28. Arrange a pillow fight with your child.

29. Show your child your old diaries, photographs, and letters that you wrote when you were his age.

30. Thank the child for everything that he does, even if he just hung wet towels to dry or put food in the refrigerator.

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