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Eight lessons of magic from wise mothers

From childhood, we were fascinated by fairy tales about distant lands, airplane carpets, magic spells and fairy godmothers. Many of us secretly dreamed of a magic wand, with which we could fulfill all our desires and bring a little miracle to our lives. But what do you say that some of your childhood fantasies exist in real life? You yourself saw this magic, but did not even know about it.

Do you want to – believe it or not – but your mother used magic. Otherwise, how could she carry out truly impossible tasks with such ease? Remember your childhood, and you will understand what is meant. Mom like no one else can do things that can only be called magic.

1. Swipe the magic wand

Have you ever witnessed this situation: mom asked dad to buy something for dinner, but he forgot to do it? At such moments, you might start to worry: would you have to go to bed on an empty stomach? But only a few minutes pass and your mother is already calling for you to have dinner. You were in a hurry to enjoy a delicious dinner and you were unlikely to think about how your mom managed to cook it if dad forgot to buy groceries. Most likely, my mother in the kitchen had a magic wand (or, say, a spoon or other magic item).

2. Even mom’s silence has magical properties

Remember how your mother reacted to your desire to go to a friend’s birthday party. Just an approving smile on her face – and you understand without words: mom allowed. But what happened if you said you stayed with a friend for the night? Mom frowned and raised an eyebrow, and you understood that nothing would come of your venture. In childhood, there were many situations when mom did not say a word, but you obeyed her as if under the influence of a spell.

3. Magic touches

Most likely, unpleasant situations happened with each of you when you returned home from the street with bruises, bruises and knees knocked down. But as soon as mom treated the wounds and calmed you with hugs or gentle touches, the pain immediately passed. In addition, have you ever thought about why children, when they are in pain, call their mother?

4. Home Goddess

Have you ever thought about how your school uniform was always ironed by Monday morning? How, day after day, were breakfast, lunch and dinner always ready on time? Why did dad always call mom when he couldn’t find something? The answer is simple: mothers do an excellent job of several tasks at once. 24 hours is enough for them to complete 1,000 tasks.

5. Power over time

If you wanted to wake up in time in the morning in order not to be late for the exam, or to meet friends in time in the evening, or not to be late for any event, all you had to do was ask your mother. You did not need to set an alarm: your mother woke you up in the morning and reminded you of important matters during the day. It seems that mom could control the time, because she never let you down in such situations.

6. The Cinderella Effect

Remember how in the fairy tale the fairy godmother turned Cinderella’s rags into a wonderful outfit for the ball. Your mother is in no way inferior to the fairy godmother. Now you understand how your mother managed to sew you dresses for the holidays in the kindergarten and how she altered your old clothes so that after that you were considered the main fashionista at school.

7. Fulfillment of desires

Surely this situation has happened to you: you are preparing for the exam until late at night, and as soon as you start dreaming about a cup of cocoa, your mother enters the room with a cup of cocoa in her hands. Or, for example, you go on a trip and forget to take warm clothes with you. You scold yourself for such carelessness, but when you unpack your suitcase at the hotel, you see that mom put you what you need. These are just a few examples of desires that your mother fulfills for you.

8. Magic potion and its ingredients

When you bake a cake, you put it in the oven and wait for the signal of readiness. But your mother knows without any signals if the cake is ready and when it needs to be removed. You can take the cake’s recipe from your mother and repeat exactly all the ingredients and the way of cooking. But you will never be able to repeat the taste of mom’s pie. This is because mothers add another secret ingredient to their dishes – love.

You can probably continue this list and recall many more such cases that are not amenable to logical description. And if so, then this proves that mothers really bring a little magic to our daily lives.

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