The desire to make children happy
Recently, my friend was courting a garden near his house. His wife noticed that there were too many stones in the soil, and suggested: “Let's remove the stones from the…

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Reasons to see the world through the eyes of a child
Do you remember how it is to be a child? Looking back, we recall childhood as the happiest time in our lives. Have you noticed how your children or their…

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How to become peaceful and calm parents
Anger and frustration are emotions that everyone experiences, but this does not mean that all people necessarily become their hostages. The responsibility of adults to themselves and their families is…

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Young fathers on maternity leave: expert opinion

Young fathers on maternity leave: expert opinion
In modern society, it is believed that sitting at home with a child is an exclusively female occupation. Today, young fathers are rarely seen with a stroller in a park or at a child’s matinee in kindergarten. Mom often leads the child to kindergarten, to the library and to various activities of the child.

Many researchers and public figures around the world say that fathers do not take enough part in raising children, especially at an early age. And there are many reasons for this.

American scientists have conducted a series of studies, which identified several factors that can help fathers take an active part in caring for a small child.

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Eight lessons of magic from wise mothers

From childhood, we were fascinated by fairy tales about distant lands, airplane carpets, magic spells and fairy godmothers. Many of us secretly dreamed of a magic wand, with which we could fulfill all our desires and bring a little miracle to our lives. But what do you say that some of your childhood fantasies exist in real life? You yourself saw this magic, but did not even know about it.

Do you want to – believe it or not – but your mother used magic. Otherwise, how could she carry out truly impossible tasks with such ease? Remember your childhood, and you will understand what is meant. Mom like no one else can do things that can only be called magic.

1. Swipe the magic wand

Have you ever witnessed this situation: mom asked dad to buy something for dinner, but he forgot to do it? At such moments, you might start to worry: would you have to go to bed on an empty stomach? Continue reading

Conscious parenthood: from theory to practice

How to raise children so that they have a healthy body, mind and spirit? How to keep calm in situations when the child pisses you off? How to accept a child as he is and find a common language with him? If you are looking for answers to these questions, informed parenting can help. Understanding what awareness is is simple, it is much more difficult to put it into practice. Consider what conscious parenting is and how to apply it in raising children.

What is conscious parenting?

Conscious parenthood means awareness in all kinds of interactions with the child. It also implies a deep connection with the child and the development of his personality. Continue reading

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